Shiny when wet (sibyline) wrote in gradlitgeeks,
Shiny when wet

Journal Advice?

Hi all.

I'm a 2nd-year grad student new to this whole trying to get your article published in a journal thing. I was wondering if people can recommend academic journals that are relatively prestigious but also publish graduate students and not just big names on a regular basis. I do contemporary theory with a postcolonialtransnational bent mostly about 20th-century stuff. The two articles I want to send out are specifically about how complications presented by Philippine literature contribute to contemporary discussions about postcoloniality.
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I would recommend reading Wendy Belcher's _How To Publish A Journal Article in 12 Weeks_ for a good overview of the whole process. She has some chapters on how to look for journals and how to evaluate whether they are suitable venues.

Remember, reading the back issues to see if your article fits in terms of methodology, style, content, even tone, will be a major factor in what type of response you get from the journal, so I don't know if any of us would be able to help you find the right place without having read your stuff.

Also note that you want to send to peer reviewed journals. Generally they use "blind" peer review, which means that it won't be a big deal if you are a grad student. Having said that, some peer reviewed journals in my field are not blind reviews and they tend to just publish their friends or their own grad students. It's hard to break in to those. Belcher's book tells you how to scan the back issues and determine whether this will be the case.

Good luck!
thanks so much for the tip. the belcher book seems to be exactly what i need. alas, very few journals i'm interested in seem to do blind peer review, which sucks. but i'm hoping the book will send me on my way. :)
This is an excellent question for your professor(s). Is there someone in your department who can advise you about this? (I hope this doesn't come off snarky! I'm a first-year PhD student and have a professor who is helping me turn a seminar paper into an article. I don't know how I would do that without her help!)
I absolutely love my advisor, but the journals he recommended seem to publish non-professors an average of one article per two or three issues. I feel a little bit weird asking him for less ambitious journals, for complicated reasons that are hard to explain.