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Going back... [01 Oct 2014|06:05pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Years ago, I graduated with a BA in English--1997. In 2000 I was accepted at a university in Iowa in the MA TESOL program. Well, after my first semester I discovered that perhaps this wasn't my niche (even though by seeing my GPA you wouldn't know it). So, I didn't return. Then, a few years later I thought I'd give electronic communications a try. All went fine. My grades were stellar; however, my personal life slid ( I won't go into that, at least not in this post) and I didn't return. I again returned to school in 2008 to try for a teacher's certification. Well, I was freshly married... My wife and an ex were creating quite a stir with their child custody crap. (Aren't relationship grand, they can get reach into the heart and make all else seem less than important.) So for the relationship and for the safety of my heart, I followed the proper procedures and officially withdrew.

Now, I'm looking to return, again. This time life is smooth, somewhat. I'm wanting to follow my passion and enter an MA or MFA program either in literature or writing. The problem is that over the years I've lost most of the writing samples. Actually, most of them were saved on some old Brother word processing disks. The word processor died and the information on the disks I haven't been able to retrieve. The paper copies that I thought I had have been misplaced (Misplaced as in lost. Over the years I've done some moving around and I do believe the missing sheets now reside in some musty closet or a dusty, rust trunk). So, any suggestions on what to do? I do have a couple writing samples from the TESOL semester on a thumb drive. Do I edit revise, edit, and submit one with my application? Or should I just start a new project, seeing that they are around 14 years old?

Any suggestions? Please no trolls.


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Journal Advice? [31 Mar 2010|11:24am]

Hi all.

I'm a 2nd-year grad student new to this whole trying to get your article published in a journal thing. I was wondering if people can recommend academic journals that are relatively prestigious but also publish graduate students and not just big names on a regular basis. I do contemporary theory with a postcolonialtransnational bent mostly about 20th-century stuff. The two articles I want to send out are specifically about how complications presented by Philippine literature contribute to contemporary discussions about postcoloniality.
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I have decided [07 Feb 2010|08:22pm]

[ mood | stressed ]

That the quarter system sucks for graduate school.

There is just so much research and reading to do and ten weeks is not enough time. Bah!

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Hopeful English - Lit or Professional Writing Grad Student [14 Jan 2010|12:24am]

Hi, I just joined and wanted to pose this questions to those of you who are already in the process of applying to / attending / or have graduated from grad school. I am currently a Senior in a Bachelors of English Literature program with a focus (minor) in Professional Writing. I would really love to attend Graduate school to get my Masters in English Literature OR Professional Writing (I am still open to either possibility).

So my question for all of you is Do you know of any Graduate programs in English Lit or Professional Writing that focus mainly on your last 64 credits and your GRE rather than evaluating your entire 128 undergraduate career? I ask this because I am doing very well right now in my upper division undergraduate courses now that I've gotten a number of things sorted out including finding the school that was the right fit for me. I don't have the strongest record on my generals (2.5 with some withdrawals). I've gone a long way to prove that I am ready, serious, motivated, and completely capable of doing well. I now hold a 3.5 GPA and I am going to graduate with at least 4-5 professors who will be more than willing to give me letters of recommendations.

I believe I found some time ago that there was a Grad program in Iowa that looked only at the last 64 credits and at GREs. Does anyone know of any other similar programs? I understand that Graduate school is competitive; however, I feel that it is not so impossible that I should not even try to get accepted somewhere. If I had not fought for what I've wanted in the past I wouldn't even be this far.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can provide.
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Letters of Recommendation [16 Dec 2009|05:50pm]

I really want to apply to a PhD program, but I don't think I can get any letters of recommendations for a number of reasons. Well, although I finished my MA, I wasn't very social with professors. I rarely visited office hours and didn't really do anything above and beyond to deserve a professor writing me a letter. The professor who I worked closely with wrote me a letter of recommendation that I can use when applying for jobs and said that he'd be happy to tweek that letter when I do apply for PhD programs. Anyone else in the same boat as me? What were some of the things that you did to still apply?
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for the pinched penny (a bunch to read, nearly free) [14 Nov 2009|11:50am]

GUD Magazine is trying an experiment in micro-payments. Every single issue of this award-winning magazine is (for a limited time only, yadda yadda) available for as little as a penny (as PDFs). So if you want to stretch for some literary + genre fiction, poetry, art (and more), give it a scratch: http://tr.im/gudpwyw.
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Feminist Criticism? [05 Nov 2009|12:22pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I am thinking about using feminist criticism to focus on Shirley Jackson's work and I am looking for recommendations.

I was thinking about looking at Gilbert and Gubar's The Madwoman in the Attic, which I have't read. Has anybody read the book or parts of it And if so how is it?

And are there any other important feminist texts that I can look at?

I have read some of Helen Cixous work and some of Gilbert and Gubar's work, but that's it.

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[16 Sep 2009|08:31pm]


“Mysterious Things”

The 11th Annual Graduate Symposium on Women’s and Gender History


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
March 4-6, 2010

Submission Deadline: November 1, 2009


Read more...Collapse )

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Lit Me [03 Sep 2009|12:38am]

One thing that I find can get really overboard in some cases during the switch - especially for me - from comm to lit-ish studies during the MA process, is the sudden jump from knowledge gaps.

One thing that I've found helpful for that is this site, which throws around all the influences to and from authors in a single search. It's been a bit of a life-saver for me in terms of quickly finding backgrounds, and especially, more easily tracking initial research places.
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Poetry and Prose by Tamara Amanda Bryant [10 Jun 2009|01:43pm]

My first book, "Stumbling and Mumbling", has been published and is up for sale!  It is a book with my poetry and prose.  The writing in this book covers issues like domestic violence, love, death, mourning, revenge, suicide, addictions, revenge, growing up, and finding oneself.

I am selling it for only $7.99!

If you are interested in ordering a copy, click below:

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Vladimir Nabokov suggestions? [01 Jun 2009|05:45pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I am currently reading Lolita for school and I am now convinced that I should put a bunch of his work on my summer reading list. I have also read An Invitation to a Beheading, but that's it.

So do you guys have any suggestions about which novels of his would be good for me to read next? Oh, and suggestions on any relevant scholarship on his work is also welcome.


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Grad School (PhD Program) Funding [31 May 2009|01:41pm]

Hello, all.
I am well--and somewhat painfully--aware that this question may be a stupid or obvious one; I've never felt that the cloak of internet anonymity covers me any more fully than a damn hospital gown. Furthermore, this may be a frequently asked question (though I did go back a little bit. I sure wish we had a Memories section, or tags at the very least!), in which case I apologize in advance for provoking groans and swift page-scrolls.

Having issued my disclaimer, I hope I've still got a few people reading. The subject of my question is funding for PhD programs. Does it exist?! I have been told by several people--none of whom got PhDs in literature, I might add--that some schools offer assistantships and the like, and that such funding often covers full tuition, living expenses, and sometimes more! However, I can't really find corroboration of such assertions on university websites (I may just not know where to look / Google's soft spots). Moreover, a full ride (plus!) to graduate school seems too good to be true. . .
If funding does exist, is it only at very select schools and only for very few students?
I am thinking of applying to some big-name universities--the University of Chicago, Northwestern, Stanford, and UC-Berkeley, as well as some state schools and smaller-name institutions. I am obviously willing (and eager!) to work in relevant areas while earning my PhD; I've already been a teaching assistant and loved it. I am applying with only an undergraduate degree; I would prefer not to go the MA route unless I absolutely have to.

I would greatly appreciate any information, links, personal experiences, anything! I am trying to wrap my head around what I am getting myself into; I know that I want this, but I need to know what it is going to cost me.

Thanks so much!

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Calling all Dickinson aficionados! [29 May 2009|03:05pm]

This is a long shot, but here it goes, anyway.

In one of my idea notebooks from many years ago, through which I am browsing now in hopes of sparking some creative juices, I have written the following:
TITLE: "Knots of Eternities," cf. Dickinson poem
Unfortunately, I have no idea what poem I'm telling myself to confer, and a quick Google search or two has brought up nothing. Does anyone have any idea what I may have meant by this? Or to what poem I am trying to refer myself?

(It seems inconsequential, but I'm writing a series of fantasy stories whose titles have the word 'Eternity' in them and generally come from lines of poetry, so I'm very curious. Also, any other lines of poetry that have the word 'eternity,' or some variation of it... feel free to send my way!)

Sorry for the x-posting!
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Shakespeare Bags [05 May 2009|11:48am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey, everybody. I think I may have posted a link about this a few months ago, but I have a Shakespeare bag using a quote from Twelfth Night. I also take requests (for the same price as the website- $15 for the bag and $5 for shipping) I can get assorted colors of tote bags and paints, and I can do any quote in the same calligraphy writing style. Just e-mail me at BalladOfADream@gmail.com
More styles/designs of Shakespeare quotes will be up on my store soon.

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David Eng to speak at UC Riverside, May 12 4:00 - 5:30 PM [01 May 2009|09:15pm]

If any of you are going to be in Southern California within the next two weeks, the UC Riverside English Dept. is sponsoring a talk entitled, "The Queer Space of China" by David Eng, professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania. The program is free to the public. The date and time are listed above, and here's the link to the rest of the information:


Also, here's the link to Eng's bio on the Penn English site:


I'm probably attending this, so let me know if any of you may be, too.

X-posted in a few places
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Anything interesting to say about The Magic Mountain? [27 Apr 2009|02:53am]

I've never read a book and then been like, "Ok, well how about that?"

Do any of you want to share something that struck you about Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain? Why it deserves/doesn't deserve to be canonical or anything about the text that you found interesting? If I'm being too vague it's because I just finished reading it and have no opinion whatsoever. I honestly have no idea if I liked it or not.
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drama practice [14 Apr 2009|11:28pm]



starting on thursday, my freshman classes are doing modern interpretations of famous speeches from Julius Caesar. Tomorrow, I wanted to talk to them about inflection, vocal tone, body movement, volume, emotion, eye contact, etc., and do a few activities so that everyone feels less nervous (but possibly a little silly). Does anyone have any activities of this sort, or any examples of sentences where inflection/stress really makes a difference?

Thanks much,
1st yr teacher

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Harry Potter + Politics [10 Apr 2009|09:07pm]

So, one of the coolest things ever has happened: I'm writing a paper on Harry Potter.

My thesis is that HP is an anti-terrorism/fascism story and I'm examining the "trauma" of Harry as a victim of terrorism. To make this more complicated, I'm contrasting him with Oskar Schnell from Johnathan Safran Foer's "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" who recovers from the trauma of losing his father in the 9/11 attacks.

I have done a lot of research, but have found that most texts critically discussing HP were published before the series was complete. Does anybody have any suggestions?

I'm also looking for links for interviews with JK /Foer about their novels.

Basically, if you think of anything that could help - please, send it along! I will be eternally grateful.
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[05 Apr 2009|12:07am]


The Lotus Reader is a cutting edge non-profit online literary magazine producing original works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from around the world. Quality writing is the only qualification—Great for new writers!

To read/ submit, go to:

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[04 Apr 2009|08:29pm]

Hey folks!
Anyone else attending the PCA.ACA conference in New Orleans this week? If so, let's organize an event. We can grab dinner or bar hop a bit. I grew up there and know the city well, so come hang out with a (transplanted) local. Feel free to PM me or comment in this thread if you'd like to meet up.

X-posted a lot
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