April is the cruellest month (titivillus32) wrote in gradlitgeeks,
April is the cruellest month

Harry Potter + Politics

So, one of the coolest things ever has happened: I'm writing a paper on Harry Potter.

My thesis is that HP is an anti-terrorism/fascism story and I'm examining the "trauma" of Harry as a victim of terrorism. To make this more complicated, I'm contrasting him with Oskar Schnell from Johnathan Safran Foer's "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" who recovers from the trauma of losing his father in the 9/11 attacks.

I have done a lot of research, but have found that most texts critically discussing HP were published before the series was complete. Does anybody have any suggestions?

I'm also looking for links for interviews with JK /Foer about their novels.

Basically, if you think of anything that could help - please, send it along! I will be eternally grateful.
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