Matt (mm511) wrote in gradlitgeeks,

Calling all Dickinson aficionados!

This is a long shot, but here it goes, anyway.

In one of my idea notebooks from many years ago, through which I am browsing now in hopes of sparking some creative juices, I have written the following:
TITLE: "Knots of Eternities," cf. Dickinson poem
Unfortunately, I have no idea what poem I'm telling myself to confer, and a quick Google search or two has brought up nothing. Does anyone have any idea what I may have meant by this? Or to what poem I am trying to refer myself?

(It seems inconsequential, but I'm writing a series of fantasy stories whose titles have the word 'Eternity' in them and generally come from lines of poetry, so I'm very curious. Also, any other lines of poetry that have the word 'eternity,' or some variation of it... feel free to send my way!)

Sorry for the x-posting!
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