Diversity Teacher to the World (i_skye) wrote in gradlitgeeks,
Diversity Teacher to the World

Hopeful English - Lit or Professional Writing Grad Student

Hi, I just joined and wanted to pose this questions to those of you who are already in the process of applying to / attending / or have graduated from grad school. I am currently a Senior in a Bachelors of English Literature program with a focus (minor) in Professional Writing. I would really love to attend Graduate school to get my Masters in English Literature OR Professional Writing (I am still open to either possibility).

So my question for all of you is Do you know of any Graduate programs in English Lit or Professional Writing that focus mainly on your last 64 credits and your GRE rather than evaluating your entire 128 undergraduate career? I ask this because I am doing very well right now in my upper division undergraduate courses now that I've gotten a number of things sorted out including finding the school that was the right fit for me. I don't have the strongest record on my generals (2.5 with some withdrawals). I've gone a long way to prove that I am ready, serious, motivated, and completely capable of doing well. I now hold a 3.5 GPA and I am going to graduate with at least 4-5 professors who will be more than willing to give me letters of recommendations.

I believe I found some time ago that there was a Grad program in Iowa that looked only at the last 64 credits and at GREs. Does anyone know of any other similar programs? I understand that Graduate school is competitive; however, I feel that it is not so impossible that I should not even try to get accepted somewhere. If I had not fought for what I've wanted in the past I wouldn't even be this far.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can provide.
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