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Going back...

Years ago, I graduated with a BA in English--1997. In 2000 I was accepted at a university in Iowa in the MA TESOL program. Well, after my first semester I discovered that perhaps this wasn't my niche (even though by seeing my GPA you wouldn't know it). So, I didn't return. Then, a few years later I thought I'd give electronic communications a try. All went fine. My grades were stellar; however, my personal life slid ( I won't go into that, at least not in this post) and I didn't return. I again returned to school in 2008 to try for a teacher's certification. Well, I was freshly married... My wife and an ex were creating quite a stir with their child custody crap. (Aren't relationship grand, they can get reach into the heart and make all else seem less than important.) So for the relationship and for the safety of my heart, I followed the proper procedures and officially withdrew.

Now, I'm looking to return, again. This time life is smooth, somewhat. I'm wanting to follow my passion and enter an MA or MFA program either in literature or writing. The problem is that over the years I've lost most of the writing samples. Actually, most of them were saved on some old Brother word processing disks. The word processor died and the information on the disks I haven't been able to retrieve. The paper copies that I thought I had have been misplaced (Misplaced as in lost. Over the years I've done some moving around and I do believe the missing sheets now reside in some musty closet or a dusty, rust trunk). So, any suggestions on what to do? I do have a couple writing samples from the TESOL semester on a thumb drive. Do I edit revise, edit, and submit one with my application? Or should I just start a new project, seeing that they are around 14 years old?

Any suggestions? Please no trolls.

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